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LatestSelfie Terms & Conditions

LatestSelfie Terms & Conditions

LatestSelfie accounts are proposed for individuals to share unique photographs and video that they themselves have made.

These Community Guidelines are here to enable you to comprehend being an individual from LatestSelfie. Bear in mind that your utilization of LatestSelfie is liable to these Community Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions.


Get along

We’re a worldwide group of many sorts of individuals, who all have the privilege to feel great and who may not think what you think, accept what you accept, or see what you see. In this way, be gracious and conscious in your collaborations with different individuals.

Just transfer content that you have made.

Regard the copyright of others. This implies don’t take photographs or recordings that other individuals have shared and pass them off as your own. (That is the thing that top choices and exhibitions are for.)

Direct your substance.

All substance on LatestSelfie, open and private, must be fittingly directed as “sheltered”, “direct”, or “limited” utilizing our security and substance channels. On the off chance that your judgment turns out to be poor, we’ll direct your record to coordinate suitable order for Safe Search or potentially content write and send you a notice.

Connection back to LatestSelfie when you post your LatestSelfie content somewhere else.

LatestSelfie makes it conceivable to post content facilitated on LatestSelfie to other sites. Pages on other sites that show content facilitated on must give a connection from every photograph or video back to its page on LatestSelfie. This gives an approach to get more data about the substance and the picture taker.

Appreciate LatestSelfie!

This is your group. Commend your innovativeness, be social and offer what’s essential to you. See the world through others’ eyes, take an interest, discover your dream, and extend your viewpoints!

Things not to do

Here’s the arrangement: We get a kick out of the chance to give renewed opportunities. Be that as it may, when we find you venturing over any of the lines recorded underneath, we will make a move, which may mean erasing your record with or all of a sudden.

Try not to transfer anything that isn’t yours.

This incorporates other individuals’ slfies, video, and additionally stuff you’ve replicated or gathered from around the Internet. Records that comprise fundamentally of such accumulations might be erased whenever. LatestSelfie likewise has a zero resistance arrangement towards sharing grown-up or sexualized substance of someone else without that individual’s assent (Non-Consensual Pornography). In the event that you encounter this, report it to us.


Try not to indicate bareness in your pal symbol or cover selfies.

Just substance considered “safe” is proper for your symbol or cover selfies. On the off chance that we find either contains wrong substance, we’ll evacuate it, check your record as “limited” and send you a notice. On the off chance that we discover you doing it once more, we’ll erase your record.

Try not to transfer content that is illicit or restricted.

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On the off chance that we discover you doing that, your record will be erased and we’ll make fitting move, which may incorporate announcing you to the specialists.

Try not to vent your dissatisfactions, rage, or bore the brains out of different individuals.

LatestSelfie isn’t a setting for you to pester, mishandle, spam, imitate, or threaten others. On the off chance that we get a substantial grievance about your lead, we’ll send you a notice or erase your record.

Try not to be dreadful.

You know the person. Try not to be that person.

Try not to utilize your record to have web illustrations or as a swap for a substance conveyance organize.

In the event that we discover you utilizing your record to have non specific realistic components of website page outlines, logos, pennants, symbols, and other non-photographic components on other sites, or on the off chance that you demonstrate suspicious transfer conduct that effects the solidness of our servers, we will caution you or erase your record.

Try not to spam

We don’t endure spam, misleading labeling, beguiling photograph titles and portrayals, asset mishandle, or other injurious intends to produce income and movement to your selfies on LatestSelfie or somewhere else. Don’t know what we mean by spam?

Try not to utilize LatestSelfie for unapproved business movement.

On the off chance that you are a selfie taker and you are particularly advancing your own work, you can utilize your LatestSelfie record to connection to different locales where you offer or offer your work. On the off chance that you have a free record, you may not connect straightforwardly to a shopping basket, checkout page, or valuing pages on different locales, and you may not list costs on your LatestSelfie’s selfie portrayals.

Your connections should be intelligible (no abbreviated URLs) and they ought to be important to the selfie, for example, connections to your site, to online networking locales, or to your blog. Try not to transform your photograph depictions into interface spam.


In the event that you make photograph books through FB or different organizations and need to advance them on LatestSelfie, that is alright.

On the off chance that you show selfie classes and you need to advance those classes, that is fine with us.

In the event that you make and offer items (e.g. cookbooks, origami, custom blocks, craftwork, gems, advanced items, and so forth).

Gracious, and one additionally thing:

Copyright Infringement.

In the event that you see selfies or videos that you’ve made in another part’s photostream, don’t freeze. This is likely only a misconception and not noxious. A decent initial step is to reach them by means of LatestSelfie Mail at ( ) and obligingly request that they evacuate it. On the off chance that that doesn’t work, please record a Notice of Infringement to us and we will take it from that point.

You might be enticed to post a section on your photostream or in our open discussion about what’s going on, however that is not the most ideal approach to determine a conceivable copyright issue. We don’t support singling out people like this on LatestSelfie as it could be viewed as provocation which is against our rules.

In Conclusion

On the off chance that you don’t feel that you can maintain our Community Guidelines as laid out above, perhaps LatestSelfie isn’t for you. We’ve made these rules to guarantee that everybody inside the LatestSelfie people group has a decent time.

You may likewise need to look at our Privacy Policy. On the off chance that you ever have any inquiries or remarks, we’d love to get notification from you. It would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to drop us a line through Help by Email.